Extended Free Trial for CFIs

Pilot Partner is now offering Flight Instructors an extended 6 Month Free Trial of Pilot Partner & the CFI Dashboard.   The normal free Trial is 60 days.

How to Claim Extended Free Trial

areyouacfiWhen you sign up for your free trial of Pilot Partner, you will be asked if you are a Flight Instructor.   If you say yes, you will need to enter your CFI Certificate # and your CFI Expiration date.

This will automatically enable the extended free trial and enable the Pilot Partner CFI Dashboard.

Earn Free Pilot Partner

As a CFI, you can earn an additional 6 months free Pilot Partner service for every student (or any pilot) you refer to Pilot Partner.   When they purchase a subscription for $29.95, you will be credited with 6 months additional Pilot Partner service.

Pilot Partner’s goal is to provide the Logbook and CFI Dashboard Services for Free to all Active Flight Instructors.  We never want to take a dollar from an active CFI!

There is no limit to how many referral credits you can earn.  If you refer 2 Students, you will get a full year for free.  If you refer 10 Students, you will have 5 years for free.


Why use Pilot Partner as a CFI?

The Pilot Partner CFI Dashboard is loaded with features designed to make life easier for a Flight Instructor.  Here is a brief list of what the CFI Dashboard can do for you:

  • Laptop-CFIDashboard-FBView your student’s logbook
  • View your student’s endorsements
  • Electronically Sign your student’s logbook and provide detailed and meaningful notes for you and your student to review.
  • Aviation Training Dashboard that tracks your Student’s Progress through the ACS Private Pilot and ACS Instrument Pilot Progression.
  • Automatically copy your student’s flight log into your logbook.

Get Started

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