Resetting Flight Currency & Flight Totals

There are times where you will want to reset your Flight Currency items or Flight Total Items to the default values.  Pilot Partner has a feature that will remove all of your existing items and reset them to the defaults.

There are several different reasons why you might want to do this.   The main reason is when Pilot Partner updates the default items to add a new feature or fix an existing bug.  You will receive an email from Pilot Partner letting you know about the feature that was added or fixed and prompting you to do this if you wish.

If you do not wish to remove your custom items, you can simply add the new item yourself.  If you have questions, Contact and we can help you with this.

What Resetting Does

When you choose to reset you Flight Currencies or Flight Totals, Pilot Partner will delete all of your existing Groups in Items and then add the default Groups and Items.   Once it adds them, it will then perform the calculations for Totals or Currencies.   This is a great, “I messed up my Flight Currencies and want to start over” feature.

If you’ve added a custom Currency or Total after you signed up… This process will delete that.  Typically custom items are easy to recreate.  Just be sure to make a note of the ones you created.

Steps To Reset

Flight Currency

  1. Click on “Currency” in the Left NavigationFlightCurrency
  2. Click on the Reset button in the Upper RightResetButton
  3. Read the Disclaimer and Click “Reset Flight Currency”Disclaimer

Flight Totals

Resetting Flight Totals is the same process as Flight Currencies expect you click on Flight Totals First:

  1. Click on Flight Totals on the Left NavigationFlightTotals
  2. Click on the Reset Flight Totals Icon in the Upper Right
  3. Read the disclaimer and click “Reset Flight Totals

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