Tracking Medical Expiration in Pilot Partner

As of now, Pilot Partner does not have an automatic way of tracking your medical in accordance with the FAA Regulations.  There are a lot of variables such as:

  • Under/Over the age of 40
  • Duration of Class III, Class II, Class I, etc.

And update will be coming soon to automate all of this for you.  Until then, these instructions will walk you through tracking it yourself… But you have to know the rules that apply to you.

Steps to Track Medical Expiration

  1. Click on Currency on the Left Nav
  2. Click on the “+” sign to add a new Currency Item
  3. Choose Custom Date
    1. Name it: “Medical”
    2. Choose Interval Type: “Calendar Months”
    3. Select an interval based on your situation:
      1. Class III Under the Age of 40:  “60” Months
      2. Class III Over the Age of 40: “24” Months
      3. Class II: “12” Months
      4. Class I: “6” Months
    4. Enter the date of your Medical Exam as the “Reference Date”


About Pilot Partner

Pilot Partner is a Cloud Based Electronic Pilot Logbook system for General Aviation Pilots.  Signup today for a Free 60 Day Trial.

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