Automatic IFR Currency

Know Your Instrument Currency

6 Month / 2 Month and Combo Aircraft and AATD/BATD For FAR61.47

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Flight Logbook that tracks currency in a real aircraft and meet requirements of FAR 61.57(c)(1), Pilot Partner will apply the 6 Calendar Month Rule to your Instrument Currency.


If you use a Redbird FMXFlyThisSim-Touch Trainer or other Aviation Training Devices or Simulators, Pilot Partner will track your experience and log your currency in accordance with FAR 61.57(c)(3). Your currency will be based on the 2 Calendar Month rules.


FAR 61.57(c)(4) allows you to apply the 6 Calendar Month rule to your IFR Currency if you use both a real aircraft and an AATD/BATD. Pilot Partner will track that too.

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