Pilot Partner Flyers

Austin, TX Flying Club

Pilot Partner Flyers

Austin, TX based Flying Club

The Pilot Partner Flyers is a flying club based in Austin, TX that is formed to make general aviation available to its members at an affordable price. The club encourages Student Pilots to be a member providing they bring their own independent Certified Flight Instructor.

The Club is divided into two different membership categories: Equity Members (Class A) and Non-Equity Members (Class B), The different class of members have different levels of access to the aircraft in the club.



Year: 1974
Make: Beechcraft
Model: Sundowner (C23)
Home Base: Austin Bergstrom Airport (KAUS)


  • Garmin G5 Attitude
  • Garmin GTN-650
  • Garmin 769
  • Garmin GTX-350 ADS-B In/Out Transponder
  • CGR-30P Engine Monitor w/ Fuel Flow
  • King HSI
  • RMI
  • DME
  • ADF
  • Power Flow exhaust system for an extra 10-15 HP
  • Engine IO-360: 180HP

This Sundowner is a fantastic primary and IFR trainer for any pilot. It fly’s similar to a Piper Warrior or a Cessna 172, but you are able to feel the difference in quality that you would expect from Beechcraft. The controls are tight and responsive. Flying the Sundowner is simple and easy compared to other aircraft in its class. Landings come easy with the trailing link landing gear. Sundowners do have a tendency to bounce on a hard landing if there is too much speed carried into the flare. The secret is to maintain your airspeed and keep the nose coming up on the flare until the nose wheel is on the ground and you’ve reach taxi speed.

Aircraft Properties

  • True Airspeed: 105kts-115kts
  • Average Fuel Burn: 10gph
  • 52 Gal Usable
  • 841lb Useful load

Rates to Fly

  • $128/hr Wet for Class A Members
  • $148/hr Wet for Class B Members
  • Includes 10gph @ $7.50 a gallon
  • Based on Tach Time (not Hobbs)

Membership Options

Class A Members

Class A Members are equity members of the club and help fund the acquisition of aircraft into the club. Class A members have greater access to the aircraft in the fleet than non-equity members and also pay less per hour to fly the aircraft.

Pilot Partner Flyers has 4 Class A members per aircraft in the fleet. We currently do not have any Class A Membership slots available. Until one of our Class A members want to sell their share or we look to add an additional aircraft to the fleet, we will not have any spots available at this level.

Initiation Fees:

  • Variable based on the equity in the club & Market Value of Share being Sold

Monthly Fees:

Currently: $314/month and pays for:

    • Insurance
    • Fixed Annual Costs
    • Hangar Rent
    • Club Operating Budget and other fixed costs
    • Aircraft Loan Payment

Hourly Rates

  • $128/hr Wet
  • Fuel Reimbursement based on KAUS Fuel Price
    • Fly Cheaper when you buy cheaper fuel

Scheduling Rules

  • Can book any trip with a starting date with in 1 month of the day you book it
  • Trips can last up to 7 Days with no minimum flight time requirements

Class B Members

Class B Members are non-equity members who get restricted access to the aircraft. This is a great opportunity for students and new pilots to build time while experiencing fractional ownership of an aircraft. Class B members pay an additional $20/hr Tach time to fly the aircraft. Class B members can leave the club with 1 months written notice. The club has up to 4 Class B Members at a time.

Initiation Fees

$500 One time, non refundable fee

Monthly & Hourly Rates

  • $99/month
  • $148/hr Wet

Scheduling Rules

  • Can book any trip with a starting date with in 14 days of the day you book it
  • Trips can last up to 3 Days with no minimum flight time requirements (You can take the aircraft for a long weekend to the beach)

Fuel Reimbursement Policy

Being based at Austin Bergstrom Airport means the club pays the highest rate for fuel in the Austin area. The rates listed above represents flying using the expensive fuel. By buying cheaper fuel at one of the satellite airports, pilots can dramatically reduce the actual rate per hour it costs to fly.

Policy Example

  • Each gallon of fuel purchased off field will be credited to the pilot on their account at the current rate at Signature Flight Support at KAUS.
  • Example:  If you fly for an hour, you are charged $100 for that hour.  That includes fuel at the $6.10 a gallon rate.   If you purchase 10 gallons of fuel at GTU at $3.30 a gallon, you pay out of your own pocket $33.00 for that fuel.   Submit your receipt and you will receive a $61.00 credit on your account.  Your cost to fly that hour is $100 – $61.00 + $33.00 = $72.
  • With Cheaper fuel, you can save as much as $28/hr to fly.

Policy Details

  • Receipts must be submitted using Pilot Partner’s Fleet Management System
  • Receipts must be submitted with in 14 days of purchase
  • Pilots should not submit more receipts than they fly, no pilot should have an negative balance at the end of the month as a result of fuel reimbursements.
  • The club will not pay out for a negative balance, if a Pilot does earn a negative balance, their balance will carry forward to the next months

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