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Electronic pilot logbook software allows you to track and backup your critical flight data to maintain currency and view logs. View flight logs in creative and insightful ways impossible with a paper log.

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Spend more time teaching and less time managing your student’s by linking your student’s logbook to your account.

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Flying Club Tools

Pilot Partner Fleet Management System automates invoicing, fuel reimbursements and maintenance tracking for Flying Clubs, Partnerships and Flight Schools.  Invoicing 30-40 pilots can be completed with minutes instead of hours or days of work.

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Pilot Partner offers a 60 day no risk free trail and affordable annual pricing. Extend your subscription for free by referring friends and other pilots.

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Electronic Pilot Logbook

Save time and effort by logging your flights on your mobile phone or tablet as soon as you land. Always know your currency status at a quick glance. Feel confidence that your data is safe and secure in the Cloud.


Dynamic and Automated Reports will help you analyze trends and goals hidden in your logbook.

Pilot Partner - Flight Dashboard
CFI Dashboard - Quick Glance at Students' Progress
Pilot Partner - Flight Detail

Flight Currency

Track your FAA and custom Flight Currencies with every flight. Never get caught being unexpectedly not current again.

Available on the Web, iPhone, iPad or Android. Your data is stored in the cloud and no synching is required.

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Kyle Robertson

Kyle is a software developer at Pilot Partner and is currently working towards his private pilot certificate.

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Ken VeArd

Ken is the Founder and CEO of Pilot Partner. He has been flying since 1997 and is a Private Pilot (SEL, MEL, INST).

David Allen

David Allen

David Allen is Pilot Partner's Director of Marketing & Product Development. He has a long history as an aviation advocate and in Aviation Social Media.

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