Automation for Flying Clubs & Partnerships

Scheduling, Invoicing, Payments, MX Tracking and more

Pilot Partner Flying Club Software

Software for Flying Clubs, Partnerships, Flight Schools

Flying Club Automation that makes running a Flying Club, Partnership or Flight School easy to manage. Invoice Pilots for Flight Time, Monthly Dues and Fuel Reimbursements. Integrate with Quickbooks and track all of your fleet’s budgets in a simple dashboard. Reduce the amount of administrative time required to track and invoice your members. Monthly invoices can be generated with a few minutes of time each month.

What Does Pilot Partner Fleet Management Do?

  • Members Log Their Flights in Pilot Partner’s Pilot Logbook (included)
  • Flight Time is Tracked
  • Monthly Dues are Tracked
  • Fuel Reimbursements are Requested in the App
  • Invoices are Generated with a Simple Button Click
  • Aircraft Scheduling is Integrated with Google Calendar
  • Members Make Credit Card/Bank Payments in the App or in Web Portal
  • Maintenance Status is Tracked in Real Time

Learn more and see it in action: Flying Club Automatic Invoicing & Budgets

Automated Invoicing

Pilots will use their Mobile Device or Computer to log their flight with Hobbs/Tach time after each flight. This data is recorded and added to their next invoice automatically.

Invoicing any number of members takes minutes and not hours or days to prepare.
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Realtime MX Tracking

Every flight automatically updates current maintenance status of each aircraft in the fleet. Every member of the club can check the most updated status on Oil Changes, Annual Inspections, 100 Hours, AD’s and TBO status.

Fuel Reimbursements

Members submit fuel receipts using the camera on their mobile device and Pilot Partner automates calculating the correct amount to reimburse based on the rules of the Flying Club.

Supports different calculation modes, maximum reimbursement amounts and time windows that reimbursements are accepted.

QuickBooks Integration

Integrates automatically with QuickBooks. When invoices are generated they are sent to QuickBooks via an API integration. Continue to use Quickbooks to track payments and expenses, while letting Pilot Partner do all of the hard work of calculating what each member owes.


Integrates with Google Calendar to enable Aircraft Scheduling. Pilot’s make a new reservation and it is verified via the Pilot Partner Schedule Rules and then confirmed on the Google Calendar. Use your iPhone/Android or Computer to view the Schedule.

Budget Tracking

Setup budgets to track your Flying Club and Pilot Partner will automatically track how much money to add to each of your budget items (MX, Engine Reserve, Fuel, Operational, etc). Manually enter expense items to track your spending.

No Paper Time Logs in Airplanes

Take the paper logbooks out of the airplanes.  There is no need to go to the airport, get the logbook and try and read the Hobbs/Tach times written in the logbook.  Each pilot enters Hobbs/Tach time on their iPhone, iPad or Android device as they log their flight in their Pilot Partner Electronic Logbook.

Handles Missing Entries

If a Pilot forgets to log their time, a missing entry will be created. A Fleet Administrator can easily cross check the schedule and determine who might have missed a time entry. The Fleet Admin can either have the pilot complete their log entry or assign the time block to that pilot.

Integrated Pilot Logbook & Fleet Management

Pilot Partner seamlessly integrates an Electronic Pilot Logbook with a Fleet Management system.  A single entry in a Pilot’s Electronic Logbook drives:

  • Pilot’s Logbook
  • Flying Club Invoicing
  • Aircraft Maintenance Records
  • Flying Club Budgets

All Pilots Get Pilot Partner Electronic Pilot Logbook

 Every pilot in your fleet will receive full access to the Pilot Partner Electronic Logbook system. They will be required to use the Pilot Partner system for the flights they perform in your Fleet’s Aircraft and can optionally use it for all of their flying. When they leave the fleet, they can optionally renew their subscription and continue to use Pilot Partner, all of the previous data will remain.

Pricing Options



By default the Free level is selected for every Fleet created in Pilot Partner. With this level, a Flying Club can add as many aircraft and as many pilots as they want, but each Pilot will need to have an active subscription to Pilot Partner’s eLogbook in order to log flights in a club aircraft and have invoices generated.

Unlimited Aircraft

Unlimited Pilots

Each Member requires their own Pilot Partner Subscription

Full Access to Invoicing

Full Access to Maintenance

Annual Subscription

$14.95 per month
$149.50 per year

Clubs with a single aircraft, the club can pay for the aircraft to be in the Pilot Partner Fleet and then all members will get full access to Pilot Partner.

Pay annually and get 2 months free!

Single Aircraft

Unlimited Pilots

Includes full access to Pilot Partner eLogbook for all Pilots

2-6 Aircraft

$12.95 per Month per Aircraft
$129.50 per Year per Aircraft

Clubs with more than 1 aircraft get a slightly lower rate per aircraft.

Pay annually and get 2 months free!

Great for Most Flying Clubs

Unlimited Pilots

Includes full access to Pilot Partner eLogbook for all Pilots

7 or More Aircraft

$9.95 Per Month Per Aircraft
$99.50 Per Year Per Aircraft

Large clubs get the biggest discount!

Pay annually and get 2 months free!

Great for Large Flying Clubs

Great for Flight Schools

Unlimited Pilots

Includes full access to Pilot Partner eLogbook for all Pilots

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