Pilot Partner

CFI Dashboard

Link Logbooks

Link your logbook to your student’s logbook through Pilot Partner. After your student goes home and takes their logbook, you’ll have access to all of their flight details.

Automatic Flight Entry

Flights logged in your student logbook can automatically be entered into the CFI’s logbook in seconds. Save time and keep more accurate records.

View Flight History

View your student’s Flight History, Flight Totals and Remarks from your computer, iPhone, iPad or Android Device.

CFI Dashboard - Quick Glance at Student Progress

Electronically Sign

Electronically Sign your student’s logbook after they have gone home. Take the time to write detailed remarks about the flight.

Aviation Training Dashboard

Track student progress using Aviation Training Dashboard. Select from a training template such as ACS Private Pilot, ACS Instrument Pilot or create your own program. Track each skill through: Not Introduced, Introduced, Progressing and Ready for Check Ride.

Free for CFI’s

There is no fee for CFIs to use this feature, it is available for all instructors.

Free Pilot Partner Logbook subscriptions are available by referring your students to Pilot Partner.


CFI’s Maintain their own Electronic Logbook using Pilot Partner’s eLogbook system. CFI’s get a 6 month free trial of Pilot Partner Electronic Logbook!

Learn More: Electronic Pilot Logbook »


Supervise your student creating their own flight in Pilot Partner. Pilot Partner will track your student’s flights and allow you to quickly import them into your logbook. This will save you time and increase the accuracy of your logbook.


The CFI Dashboard is a Free tool for all CFI’s to use. A Pilot Partner Logbook Subscription is not required, although having a Pilot Partner Logbook and the CFI Dashboard is very helpful to CFIs. Using our referral program, you can earn free subscriptions easily.

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Each student you refer to Pilot Partner will earn you a free 6 month subscription to Pilot Partner when they purchase. Your Student will also get a bonus 3 months added to their subscription. If you refer 2 students a year, you will never have to pay. Your time banks, so refer 4 students this year and you’ll have the next 2 years for free.