Pilot Partner CFI Dashboard


Easy Setup

Getting started in 5 minutes. Simple signup process with no application fees, credit checks or any hassles.

Accept Credit Cards

Have your students pay you with Credit Cards and never have to worry about going to the bank.

Direct Deposit

Your payments will be direct deposited to your bank account in 2 business days.

CFI Pay - Dashboard
CFI Pay - Invoice

Stripe Integration

Pilot Partner uses Stripe to handle all credit card processing. Stripe will provide detail reporting and management of your transactions.

Complete Control

You control what you charge your students. Start with an automatic template based on a flight, then adjust the hours, rate and you can even add additional line items.

Free Setup, Free Monthly

There are no fees to get started. There are no fees to pay monthly. Just a simple transaction fee charged for each transaction.


CFI Pay integrates directly into the Pilot Partner CFI Dashboard. Keep all of your student records, training history, endorsements and payment in 1 place.

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Automatically create an invoice when you electronically sign a flight. Simple one click operation will automatically select your student, total time and invoice description. Easily add additional time to cover ground instruction provided before/after the flight.


You can create any invoice you want to any student who is in your Pilot Partner CFI Dashboard. Charge for ground school, aircraft rental, and any other service.


As is true with all credit card processors, there is a transaction fee for using CFI Pay to collect money via credit cards. Pilot Partner manages these fees for you and we collect a small fee as well to cover our cost of development and support of the CFI Dashboard. Your total fee is 3.9% + $0.50 a transaction. Only 1% + $0.20 per transaction goes to Pilot Partner, the rest is what Stripe charges.