How to Add ACH Bank Transfer to your Fleet

Follow these steps to add ACH/Bank Transfers as a Payment option using Pilot Partner Fleet Pay.

  • Go to your Fleet Configuration Pages
  • Sign Up For Fleet Pay using Stripe Payment Processor (if you are not already using it for Credit Cards)
  • Edit Each of your Pilot Groups
    • Enable Fleet Pay
    • Enable Send Invoice From Pilot Partner
    • Enable Allow ACH under Fleet Pay
    • Choose if the Processing Fee is Paid by Pilot or Fleet
    • Confirm the other options based on your preferences


How ACH / Bank Transfer Works for your Fleet

Online automatic payments all come with transaction fees now days.  We are all used to paying credit card transaction fees, but at 3.5% + $0.50 a transaction, they quickly get very expensive.   ACH Bank Transfers allows your members to use their Checking or Savings account just like they do a credit card.   They can pay your Fleet Invoice directly from their bank account.  And the Transaction Fee is much less.  0.9% with a max fee of $6.    Invoice over $667 will pay a flat fee of $6 instead of the 0.9% fee.

Your members will go to the Pilot Partner web portal and from their My Account page, they will access their Saved Payment Methods screen.  Here they can add a new bank account to their Pilot Partner account.   They will be taken through a verification flow through our 3rd Party Provider (Plaid).  They will log into their banking account and be asked security questions to verify they have access to the account.   When they pass the verification, their bank account will be available to pay Fleet Pay Invoices in Pilot Partner. 

On the Invoice Detail screen in both the Web Portal and the Mobile App, your members will be able to pay their Fleet Pay Invoice with a simple click.   

Stripe will then process the payment and in a few business days the money will be in your Flying Club’s account.


Recommended Settings

For Each Pilot Group, we recommend the follow settings, assuming you have Quickbooks integration enabled.  If you do not have Quickbooks enabled, you can simply skip that section.

  • Send Invoice Email From Pilot Partner: On
  • Enable Fleet Pay via Stripe:  On
    • Allow Credit Cards: Your Choice
    • Allow ACH (Bank Transfer): On
    • Member Pays Processing Fee: Your Choice
  • QuickBooks Settings
    • Auto Email Invoices: Off
    • QB Items: As Required
    • Allow ACH Payments: OFF (Important)
    • Allow Credit Card Payments: OFF (Important)
    • Send Payments to QuickBooks: On


Limits and Processing Time

Most banks limit the amount a single Bank Transfer can be in order prevent fraud.   These limits are mostly out of Pilot Partner’s control and can vary from Bank to Bank in some situations.   But these are the limits we are aware of:

  • $10,000 Limit Per Payment
  • $20,000 per Week

In the event an invoice needs to be paid that exceeds these limits, paying with a Credit Card may be your only option.

Processing Time

In most cases, the money will be transferred to your Banking account with in 5 business days of the payment being made.   Stripe will try and group payments together and send them in bulk, but the processing time depends on how fast the customer’s bank reports the transfer to stripe.