How to Submit Fuel Reimbursement

With Pilot Partner, submitting your fuel reimbursement is easy to do in the Mobile App or on our Web Portal.   The Basic steps are:

  • As soon as the Receipt comes out of the printer, take a picture of it with your phone.
  • Continue your flight and log your flight as normal
  • On the Flight Summary Page, Click “Add Reimbursement”
  • Upload the Picture of the Receipt
  • Enter the Total Amount & Gallons Purchased
  • Round Gallons to the nearest tenth (10.45 gal becomes 10.5 gal)
  • Click Save

What to Expect

Once you log your Fuel Reimbursement you will see a credit on your next invoice for the amount your Fleet has configured.   You should log your fuel reimbursement as soon as possible to help the club track their finances.   Some clubs put a time limit on how long you have, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days.  Once you are outside the window your club has set, Pilot Partner will not allow you to log your reimbursement. 

Reimbursement Modes

Actual Cost

Actual cost will reimburse you based on the actual amount you spent.  Your club is able to set a max price per gallon to limit the highest price they will pay you back for.

Fix Rate

This is the recommended mode for most clubs.  With this mode your club will program in the price of fuel at the home base, say it is $5.75/gal.   When you purchase fuel, it doesn’t matter if you but it at $3.25/gal or $8.00/gal, you will be reimbursed the home base price.  This allows you to save money if you find cheaper fuel, but if you must buy the expensive stuff, you front that cost and not the club.


Pilot Check List

Click To Download

Pilot Check List

Download our Pilot Check List, it contains more detailed instructions on fuel reimbursements and logging your flight.