How to Add Your Bank Account

Adding your bank account to Pilot Partner is done from your My Account page.   

  • Choose the “Saved Payment Methods” option
  • Click “Connect Bank Account
  • Follow the on screen prompts to Select your Bank
  • Login in to your Online Banking Account to Verify your account
  • You will Select the Account you want to Add and it will appear under the Saved Payment options in Pilot Partner


Paying Invoices with Your Bank Account or Credit Card

You have the option to save multiple payment methods, both credit cards and bank accounts can be added to your Pilot Partner account and they can be used to pay your Fleet Invoices.   In both, the Pilot Partner Mobile app and the Pilot Partner Web app, you will be able to pay your invoices easily by selecting one of your saved payment methods.

Transaction Fees

All automatic payments will incur a transaction fee.    Some Fleets choose to pass the fee on to the members, while other Fleets will absorb the fee themselves.   If your fleet is passing the fee onto it’s members, you will see the fee as a line item in the subtotal of your invoice so that you know exactly how much will be charged to you.

Note:  In the Mobile App, we attempt to display the correct fee, but because the way the mobile app currently works, the fee is displayed before you select which payment method you will use, whether it be credit card or bank account.  So, when paying via Pilot Partner Mobile App, you might end up seeing the wrong fee initially displayed, but rest assured, when you process the payment, the correct fee will be applied.  If you view your invoice in Pilot Partner’s web portal before paying, the correct fee will be displayed to you before you process your payment.

Fees for Credit Cards are:  3.5% + $0.50 per invoice.

Fees for Bank ACH Transfer are: 0.9% with a $6 max fee.

So paying with your bank account is much cheaper than with your credit card!