How to Log Your Flight

Logging your Flight is best done using a mobile device such as an iPhone, Android Phone or your iPad.   Download the Pilot Partner app from the app store and sign into your account.

To log your flight, you will need to enter the following information:

  • Aircraft Tail Number
  • Date of Flight (Defaults to Today’s Date)
  • Hobbs/Tach Start & End Time
  • Any Custom Fields your Fleet Requires (Fuel Left, Trip Type, Oil added, etc.)
  • Route of Flight:  Start with a “K” for most Airports
  • The other fields are optional for Fleet, but nice to track for your own logbook.

Pilot Check List

Download the Pilot Check List Here

As a member of a Fleet you get full access to the Pilot Partner Electronic Pilot Logbook system.  You can use this to record all of your flight time with your Flying Club and for aircraft not apart of your club.  If you leave the club, you can renew your subscription with Pilot Partner and continue to use it. 

If you choose to not track all of your flying in Pilot Partner, that is alright as well.  You will be required to enter the required fields for each flight you do with your Flying Club to track Invoicing and Maintenance for the club.