How to Use Pilot Partner Scheduling

Pilot Partner Schedule uses your Google Calendar to integrate with Pilot Partner and allow you to schedule using your own device.  This works on:

  • iPhone, Android Phone, iPad’s Built in Calendars
  • Your Computer’s Web Browser via calendar.google.com
  • Any Calendar App Published by Google or Others that integrate with Google

Connecting to the Calendars

You will need to follow these 4 steps to connect your Pilot Partner Account to your Google Calendar.   Once complete you will be able to access the Aircraft Scheduling on your Google Calendar.    You will end up with 1 new shared calendar per aircraft managed by Pilot Partner.

Step 1)

Log into PilotPartner.net and go to your Fleet Dashboard.   From there Click “Scheduling Setup”

Step 2)

Make sure you have the correct email address entered of your google account.  If you do not already have a google account, you should create a new Gmail account that you can use to manage your schedule with.

If you signed up for Pilot Partner with a non-google account, no worries, you can specify the google account you wish to use in this step.

Then Click “Update Google Email / Link account” Button

Step 3)

Check the Google Account email for an invitation sent from the google calendar.  There will be a link in the email to “Add” the Calendar.  You must click this link.

Step 4)

This step is optional, but highly recommended.  The new shared calendar is not available on your mobile devices by default.  You must visit: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/syncselect and enable them to sync to your mobile devices.

Using the Calendar

Once you are connected to the Calendar you can make reservations like you normally would with any other calendar.   Simply open up the calendar on your favorite device and block of the time you wish to reserve the aircraft.   When you do, be sure to select the correct calendar for the aircraft that you want to reserve.

After a few seconds, you will see the reservation automatically update after Pilot Partner processes the reservation.

Kinds of Reservations

You can have 3 different kinds of Reservations on the Calendar:

  • PR – Primary Reservation:   These are the normal ones and will happen automatically.   When you make a reservation just enter a description you want other members to know.  Things like, “Flying Local”, “Training Flight”, “Cross Country to the Coast”.   As long as your request meets the Fleet’s Scheduling policy and no other member has the aircraft reserved, you will be awarded a Primary Reservation which means the aircraft is yours to fly.
  • BK – Backup Reservation:  This happens when another member already has a Primary Reservation that your request overlaps.  The other member will keep their Primary Reservation and your request will show on the calendar with a “BK” for Backup.  You do not have this time slot yet, so don’t show up to the airport expecting to fly.   Should the other member alter their reservation or cancel their reservation, you will automatically get promoted to be Primary and you will get an email letting you know.
  • MX – Maintenance Reservation:  Only Fleet Admins in Pilot Partner can make a MX Reservation.  You make one by entering the letters “MX” in the start of your reservation title followed by the reason you want the rest of the members to see.  Example: “MX – Oil Change”.   If there are any Primary Reservations already scheduled during this time, they will automatically be changed to a Backup Reservation and those pilots will receive an email letting them know.   This is very helpful when an Aircraft needs to be grounded.

Canceling a Reservation

Due to the Security between Google Calendar and Pilot Partner, you can’t just simply delete your reservation off the calendar.   You must use Pilot Partner’s Web Portal or Mobile app to cancel your reservation.

Mobile App

Once you make a reservation, it will show in the dashboard of the mobile app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. 

Web Portal

Log into PilotPartner.net and go to your Fleet Dashboard.  There you can click on your reservation and cancel it.