Flying Club Invoicing System

Also for Partnerships & Flight Schools

Invoicing for Flying Clubs & Partnerships

Simplify Invoicing for Flying Clubs and Partnerships and integrate directly with Quickbooks and other accounting systems.  As each pilot flies, they enter the Hobbs/Tach start and end time, and then an admin of the Flying Club can generate invoices with a simple click of the mouse.

Invoice in less than 5 minutes

Track Time

Pilots will enter Hobbs/Tach Start & End time as they fly. This will automatically update the Pilot’s Logbook, the Aircraft MX History and drive invoicing and Budgets.

Budget Tracking

Create custom budget categories and specify how much of each hour flown and each monthly dues goes to which budget category. Then track you expenses in each category to know how much money is Available.


Generate invoices to your members in the mater of minutes with a simple few mouse clicks. Fleet Admins can preview and adjust invoices before generation

Quickbooks & Accounting

Integrates directly with Quickbooks via a built in automatic API. Import invoices to other accounting system using CSV data imports.

About the Invoice System

 Invoicing is the heart of the Pilot Partner Fleet Management System. As Pilots log their flights using the Pilot Partner Electronic Pilot Logbook on the iPhone, Android Device or Computer, they will enter Hobbs/Tach Start & End times. This will then add line items to their invoice. Monthly dues can be customized and automatically added to invoices. Fleet Administrators can also create custom charges per members as needed.

Credit Tracking

Fuel Reimbursements can be allowed for members. When a pilot logs their flight, they are able to attach a receipt and log their fuel purchase. A credit will automatically be applied to their next invoice based on the rules configured by the Fleet.

Adhoc Credits can be created for a member as needed to track club supplies, MX Items, etc. Each Adhoc credit will get attached to a budget item and will apply as a discount on the member’s next invoice. Pilot Partner handles splitting large credits over multiple invoices if needed.

Pilot Groups

Configure as many Pilot Groups as the Fleet needs. Each Pilot Group has its own rules applied to it that includes:

  • Schedule Rules
  • Monthly Dues
  • Hourly Rate per Aircraft
  • And many more items


Flying Clubs & Partnerships have different options for using the Aircraft MX Tracker and the Invoice system. Either every member of the club can purchase their own Pilot Partner eLogbook Subscription or the club can pay per aircraft. When the Club Pays, every member of the club gets free access to the Pilot Partner eLogbook system with no need for a subscription to Pilot Partner.



By default the Free level is selected for every Fleet created in Pilot Partner. With this level, a Flying Club can add as many aircraft and as many pilots as they want, but each Pilot will need to have an active subscription to Pilot Partner’s eLogbook in order to log flights in a club aircraft and have invoices generated.

Unlimited Aircraft

Unlimited Pilots

Each Member requires their own Pilot Partner Subscription

Full Access to Invoicing

Full Access to Maintenance

Single Aircraft

$14.95 per month
$149.50 per year

Clubs with a single aircraft, the club can pay for the aircraft to be in the Pilot Partner Fleet and then all members will get full access to Pilot Partner.

Pay annually and get 2 months free!

Single Aircraft

Unlimited Pilots

Includes full access to Pilot Partner eLogbook for all Pilots

2-6 Aircraft

$12.95 per Month per Aircraft
$129.50 per Year per Aircraft

Clubs with more than 1 aircraft get a slightly lower rate per aircraft.

Pay annually and get 2 months free!

Great for Most Flying Clubs

Unlimited Pilots

Includes full access to Pilot Partner eLogbook for all Pilots

7 or More Aircraft

$9.95 Per Month Per Aircraft
$99.50 Per Year Per Aircraft

Large clubs get the biggest discount!

Pay annually and get 2 months free!

Great for Large Flying Clubs

Great for Flight Schools

Unlimited Pilots

Includes full access to Pilot Partner eLogbook for all Pilots