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About Pilot Partner

The original Pilot Partner electronic logging software was written in 1997, when founder and CEO Ken VeArd was still in flight school. After writing all his flights into his logbook, he thought, “there has to be a better way.”

Now, almost 20 years later, there are still no electronic logbooks that fully satisfy his needs. The new has been redesigned to support the needs of today’s general aviation pilot.

Additionally, Pilot Partner has released the new CFI Dashboard, which allows CFIs to electronically sign students’ logbooks, post endorsements, and write more detailed notes than can be done in a traditional logbook. This dashboard links pilots and their students together, allowing them to stay connected and keep track of progress, even when they are apart.

Features of Pilot Partner Logbook

Pilot Partner Logbook is a complete Electronic Pilot Logbook system designed for General Aviation.  It works by storing your data in the Cloud which enables all of your data to be accessible from any device without the need to complex synchronization.  It has been described as, “Magic” by some users.

Pilot Partner enables users to:

  • Track Flights Electronically
  • Track Flight Totals
  • Track Flight Currency
  • Run Reports
  • Capture Electronic Signatures from Certified Flight Instructors
  • Track Endorsements with Electronic Signatures or take pictures of existing endorsements from a paper logbook.

CFI Dashboard

Pilot Partner offers a comprehensive tool kit for Certified Flight Instructors called the CFI Dashboard.  The CFI Dashboard allows CFIs to link their logbook to their student’s logbook to the instructors logbook.  This gives the CFI full access to view the student’s logbook after the student has gone home.

A CFI can do the Following:

  • View the Student’s logbook at any time
  • View Student’s Total Time
  • View Student’s Endorsements
  • Electronically Sign Flights with a PIN #
  • Write long and detailed remarks for each flight
  • Automatically update the CFI’s Logbook with the instructional flights performed
  • Track Progress through the Aviation Training Dashboard

Aviation Training Dashboard

The Aviation Training Dashboard is a new way to track a student’s progress through a training program.  Whether it is a Private Pilot or Instrument course, the Training Dashboard makes tracking the skills required simple and easy.

You can even create your own custom training program or use this dashboard to track any progress you want.

The Training Dashboard is a Kanban Board.  Kanban Board’s is a visual way to represent a series of tasks through different stages.   Pilot Partner defaults to 4 stages:

  • Not Introduced
  • Introduced
  • Progressing
  • Ready for Check Ride

Every Skill required to complete a training course is then listed in a column representing one of these stages.  As the CFI introduces a new skill to the student, the CFI simply drags the card representing that skill from Not Introduced to Introduced.

As the student starts to perfect a specific skill, the CFI can move that skill from Introduced to Progressing.  Finally, when the student has mastered the skill, it can be moved to Ready for Check Ride.