Now Learn to Fly


About the Blog

The Now Learn to Fly Blog is designed to help newly licensed pilots transition from a student pilot to a safe and knowledgeable pilot. The transition from training to everyday flying can often be abrupt and brutal. Despite the wonderful job that your CFI has done to prepare you for flying in the real world, there are to many things out there to teach at once. Even if they did teach you everything you are likely to forget the important items until you need it.

About Pilot Partner

Pilot Partner is a team of Pilot’s and will be pilots who bring Aviation Software to the general aviation space.  Our primary software package is an Electronic Pilot Logbook Software system call Pilot Partner.   We have been bringing solutions to pilots since 1997.

While bringing these software solution to pilots we developed a passion for sharing the lessons we have learned.   This is why we created this blog.


We are not CFI’s at Pilot Partner and we are not providing any Flight Instruction. We are simply providing information for a Pilot in Command to read, process and consider. As Pilot in Command you should only use techniques and practices that you believe is safe, appropriate and legal. Before changing any thing in regards to your flying, you should consult a CFI who is familiar with your specific needs and flying ability. Not all CFI’s will agree with everything we recommend, and nor should you. Our only goal is to make you think and to teach you to become a safer and more proficient pilot.


We welcome any and all feedback. Either post a comment on the blog or email us at: