Pilot Partner Electronic Logbook

iOS App, Android App

Seamless Mobile Experience

Use Pilot Partner Electronic Pilot Logbook seamlessly between your Web Browser, iPhone, iPad and Android devices without any need to synchronize data between devices.

iPhone iPad Android

Use your iPhone, iPad or Android device to view your flights and log new flights. Have full access to your entire logbook at your fingertips.

Log New Flights

View Currency

Take Pictures

Use the Mobile App while on the go to log your flights before you even step out of the cockpit. Come home later and write more detailed notes and remarks about your flight.

Annual Subscription

Use your desktop web browser to access more advanced features of Pilot Partner. All of the flights you have logged on your mobile device will automatically be available from your desktop.

Run Reports

Import Logbook Data

Write Aviation Blog Articles!

The Desktop/Web browser is where you will do you more complex tasks in Pilot Partner. The mobile apps are optimized to be simple and easy to use while on the go.

Get it for Free!

All data is automatically stored in Pilot Partner’s secure Cloud storage system. Your devices never have to synchronize and will never run into conflicts. If you lose your device, your data is safe and secure.

Automatic Backup

No Complex Data Synchronization

Export your flight data anytime you want, even if your subscription is expired. It is your data, you will always be able to export it!

*At Pilot Partner we understand how important your logbook data is to you. After your subscription expires, Pilot Partner will allow you to export your flight data should you choose not to renew your subscription.