Pilot Partner Introduces iPhone & Android App

Immediately after releasing Pilot Partner Logbook to the General Public the most common feedback we heard was, “Great, where is the iOS & Android Version?”

We listened, and we delivered!

Available in App & Google Play Store

iPhone, iPad, Android, Android Tablet

The Pilot Partner Electronic Pilot Logbook App is now available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play store for download.  The application is free to download and install and you can create your account with a 60 Free Trial.  No credit Card is required.  We do not believe in a trial that will automatically charge you unless you cancel.

Get the App Now!


Just click the link for Apple or Google and install the App for Free!


iPhoneAppThe Mobile Version of Pilot Partner is designed to give you all the features you will need while on the go.  The web version of Pilot Partner has a few features that the mobile version doesn’t, but we think you will be very happy with the App.  You can:

  • Log new Flights
  • View & Edit previous Flights
  • View your Currency
  • View your Flight Totals
  • Renew Your Subscription (iOS Only and we recommend not purchasing inside the app)

Still Cloud Based

PPApp-FlightsPilot Partner remains a 100% cloud based solution.  This means all of your data is securely stored in the cloud and not on your device.  You do not have to worry about loosing your phone and all of your flights.  We do offer an export of your data at anytime (including AFTER you subscription has expired).  It is your data, and we will never prevent you from getting it, even if you decided not to renew your subscription.

The Pilot Partner App does require an active internet connection to work.  We will be working in the future to enable the app to work when there is no internet.  You never know when you need to see your currency or log a flight when there is no internet available.


Pilot Partner offers several subscriptions for our users.  Although the iOS application allows you to renew your subscription inside the app using the Apple In App Purchase system, we do not recommend using it.   You will Pay a Premium if you renew inside of the application and we do not receive an extra dime of that Premium.  Apple charges us 30% for any transactions that run through the App Store.  So the prices are about 30% higher inside the app than on our website.     Apple would not approve our app unless we offered the purchasing option, so we put it in there.

Don’t Purchase inside the App, you will pay more!

If you follow the link to our website in the email reminders you will get, you will get the same subscription at a lower price.

Subscriptions Options:

  • 1 Year Logbook $24.95 ($34.99 in app)
  • 2 Year Logbook $54.95 ($74.9 in App)
  • Lifetime Subscription $199.95 (On Sale, not available in App)

New Features Coming

This is only the start for our iOS & Android App, we are already hard at work on new features.    We are very excited about some of the ideas we are working on.  All we can say right now is that these new features are really going to set us apart from the others!

About Pilot Partner

Pilot Partner is a Cloud Based Electronic Pilot Logbook system for General Aviation Pilots.  Signup today for a Free 60 Day Trial.

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