Wednesday’s interesting private airport story

If you are a student pilot flying your cross-country from Austin to T82 (Fredericksburg Gillespie County) it’s likely that you’ll fly near the LBJ Ranch.   Now a national park Ladybird Johnson willed the Ranch to the National Park Service upon her passing in 2007.  While serving as the 36th President of the United States Lyndon Johnson would arrive at his ranch via a 4-engine Lockheed Jetstar and land on the 6300′ private ranch runway.   You can climb aboard the Jetstar which served as AF-1 at the LBJ ranch when you visit Johnson family ranch near Stonewall, Texas.

In my earlier piloting days in 2007 I noticed that the LBJ ranch (0TE7) had suddenly been removed from the San Antonio VFR chart.   It seems that the National Park Service upon taking custody of the Ranch wanted the runway removed from the VFR charts. Because it was a significant landmark for students on their solo cross-country flights to T82 from Austin I lobbied the US government charting group to re-instate the LBJ Ranch so it could resume it’s role as an important VFR waypoint for pilots in the area.   The charting office obliged me and re-instated  0TE7.

Only one pilot (who is a relative of the Johnson family) has permission to land at the strip and it is otherwise closed all other aircraft.   Check out the Jetstar and the runway when you visit the LBJ Ranch and park.  A real piece of US/Texas history!


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