Now You Can Fly

Start with a Discovery Flight

For those of us who have always dreamed of flying but never thought you could do it.   A discovery flight is for you! To learn more about what to expect when learning to fly, read our other post:  You too Can Learn to Fly

Trip Report: Flying to Mexico

TRIP REPORT  Austin, Tx >> Monterrey, Mex >> Laredo, Tx >> Austin, Tx June 3rd, 2016 By: Ranferi Denova / Piloto Aviador A few pilot and non-pilot friends asked me to write a trip report about our first international flight, so here it goes!

What is it Like Flying IFR?

Learning to fly IFR is an important skill that every Private Pilot should aspire to earn.  Even if you start training and never finish, the skills you learn in the process will make you a better and safer VFR pilot.

You too Can Learn to Fly

Have you always had the dream of becoming a pilot but thought it was out of your reach?  After all, only rich people learn to fly their own airplanes and you don’t have the desire to become an airline pilot, so learning to fly isn’t for you…right? The truth is far different than this.  Learning …

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The Case FOR Automation

by David Fill @davidfill Lately there has been a lot of focus on over-reliance on automation in the cockpit – both in General Aviation and the Part 121 world. With all sorts of examples from Asiana 214, Air France 447, down to us little guys destroying perfectly good airplanes on a routine basis obviously there …

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