An Afternoon at the Beach: A Pilot’s Life

By Ken VeArd

Perhaps the most amazing thing about being a Private Pilot is having the ability to make a day trip to a location that driving for the day would not be feasible.    Even better is when you bring a group of friends along for the adventure.   As amazing as the destination is, the journey truly is more than half the fun.

This video was put together by our friends at The Squawk Shoppe.  Shane and I flew in a Cessna Cardinal (C177RG) while our friends flew along in a Mooney M20C.   We also had another plane load of people flying along with us in a C172.    We departed from San Marcos, TX (KHYI) to Port Aransas Mustang Island (KRAS).  It was about a 1 hour flight which would have been over a 4 hour drive.

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Pilot Partner Electronic Logbook Software. 60 Day Free Trial, $29.95 a year! Click Image for Details

One of the best thing you will find out about destinations like this is that there are always people there to help you.  The town or Port A has a trolley service to get around town, but it only runs once an hour.   We landed and started walking to the pickup location when we saw the trolley drive away.  We had just missed it by less than 1 minute!

While waiting around a pilot drove on the the airport property in his pickup truck and saw us waiting.  Without hesitation, he turned his truck around and invited us all to climb in.  There were 7 or 8 of us total.  He offered us a ride into town in exchange for some good aviation talk.   I have rarely landed at a strange airport without finding someone there who was willing to lend a hand like this.  It is by far one of my favorite things about aviation.

Thank you Shane for putting this video together and organizing an excellent flying adventure!

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