Software Addresses Dismal Flight School Failure Rate

June 27, 2017

Austin, TX

Pilot Partner - CFI DashboardAirlines, aircraft manufacturers, and many other industry insiders are concerned with the quality of flight training options, especially in light of pilot shortages. An upgrade to a popular app may provide a solution to some of the biggest problems that plague the industry.

Industry insiders have reason to be concerned about the quality of training. Jamie Beckett of General Aviation News reports that 80% of student pilots drop out of training before receiving their pilot certificate. Swayne Martin of Bold Method, cites “lack of structured training” as the primary reason for the dismal dropout rate. Continue Reading » “Software Addresses Dismal Flight School Failure Rate”

Software Helps Pilots Navigate Complex BasicMed Requirements

BasicMed Tracking for Pilot PartnerIt’s unusual for pilots to be happy with a rule change from the FAA. But the new BasicMed rule change that went into effect on May 1, 2017 has many of them celebrating. And some are also a bit confused. The contradiction can be summed up in two quotes.
“Much of the general aviation community is ecstatic about BasicMed,” AOPA President Mark Baker said of the new alternative to medical certification.


“I read about the other things that I had to do to fly under BasicMed and I had the overwhelming feeling that if I were doing this for real I would just go get an FAA medical because that would be less trouble.” Said Richard Collins in the Air Facts Journal.

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Free Aircraft Maintenance Tracker Facilitates Safer Flying for GA Pilots

Austin, TX (April 11th, 2017)

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Lower fuel costs and reduced purchase price of many general aviation and business aircraft, particularly older aircraft, combine to make it a great time for general and business aviation pilots to acquire or renew their flying credentials and spend more time in the air for business or pleasure this spring and summer.

The good news for general aviation pilots – fuel costs are down, and a check of Controller or AvBuyer magazine will show that aircraft prices are still at all-time lows and look to remain so for quite some time. “Market Dynamics . . . are keeping downward pressure on much of General Aviation.” Noted Fletcher Aldredge on Continue Reading » “Free Aircraft Maintenance Tracker Facilitates Safer Flying for GA Pilots”