Stop Being Lazy and Change Your Own Oil!

by David J Fill II @davidfill

All of us are probably familiar with FAR Part 43 that talks about maintenance tasks an owner can perform without the direct supervision and sign-off of an A&P Mechanic. Of the 32 tasks outline in this part of the regulations oil changes are absolutely the task you as an owner should be doing whenever possible.

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Different Types of Preflight Inspections

by David J Fill II @davidfill

Have you eve24r walked out to your favorite Cessna 172 sitting on the rental line and had someone else tell you “it’s all set to fly,” at which point you walk around the plane from a bit of a distance, hop in and go?  Believe it or not that’s the way airline, charter, and many corporate operations work every day and their safety record is generally better than the average eagle-eyed General Aviation pre-flight expert. Continue Reading » “Different Types of Preflight Inspections”

The Case FOR Automation

by David Fill @davidfill

Lately there has been a lot of focus on over-reliance on automation in the cockpit – both in General Aviation and the Part 121 world. With all sorts of examples from Asiana 214, Air France 447, down to us little guys destroying perfectly good airplanes on a routine basis obviously there is a need for some concern. Most of us can agree that as our avionics and aircraft become more sophisticated and automation becomes more affordable this is a very real problem. But what about those of us who insist on flying with too little automation?

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