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Electronic Pilot Logbook Software tracks all Critical FAA Data securely online. Never lose or damage your logbook again. Pilot Partner will make filling out an FAA IACRA 8710.1 Form simple and easy!


Create custom flight totals to track the specific totals you care about the most. See trends in your pilot logbook that you never knew existed before.


Track all of your required currency and create custom currency items to track the items that you need most. Track your Instrument Currency for Aviation Training Devices (AATD/BATD) in accordance with FAR 61.57.

Learn More: AATD/BATD IFR Currency


Upload images of your Flights and attach them directly to your Logbook. Images can be private for your records only or you can share your images on the Pilot Partner AirDB.

View: Pilot Partner AirDB

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Pilot Partner 60 Days Free Trial

Check out Pilot Partner for 60 days with a Free Trial. You will not be required to enter a Credit Card number to signup.

Simple & Affordable Pricing

Purchase a 1 Year, 2 Year or Lifetime subscription. Plans starting under $2.50 a month / $29.95 a year.

At Pilot Partner we understand how important your logbook data is to you. After your subscription expires, Pilot Partner will allow you to export your flight data should you choose not to renew your subscription.

Pilot Partner Electronic Pilot Logbook in Action
Log your flights before you leave the airport
Pilot Logbook

Save time and effort by logging your flights on your mobile phone or tablet as soon as you land. Always know your currency status at a quick glance. Feel confidence that your data is safe and secure in the Cloud.


Track all of your endorsements by having them electronically signed by your CFI or take a picture from your paper logbook and store it securely


Available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Learn More: Logbook App »


Dynamic and Automated Reports will help you analyze trends and goals hidden in your logbook. Including an Insurance Report to fill out difficult Insruance Pilot Experience Applications.

Are you a Flight Instructor?

Pilot Partner CFI Dashboard is a Free Add-on

Connect your logbook to your student’s logbook and spend more time teaching and flying and less time logging flights.

CFI Dashboard

Spend more time teaching and less time managing your student’s by linking your student’s logbook to your account.

  • View your student’s flight history
  • View your student’s flight totals
  • View your student’s endorsements
  • Electronically Sign your student’s logbook
  • Free add on for CFI’s

Logbook Import

Import your existing logbook in any CSV format. Upload all of your flights and save the typing. Will accept many common CSV sheets plus any custom CSV imports.

  • Import from Other eLogbook Systems
  • Import from your spreadsheet
  • Help from our Support Staff

If you have issues importing your logbook, send us your data in excel and we will help you import it for free.