Mobile (iPhone/Android) Enhancements

Pilot Partner published a new version of Pilot Partner that makes entering number easier than before.  This is one of our biggest releases targeted towards making Pilot Partner easier to use on an iPhone or other mobile device.

Add to Home Screen

Pilot Partner as an AppMost users we talk to want to run Pilot Partner as an iOS app!   Even though Pilot Partner is a Web Based tool, you can still run it as if it was an iOS app and never have to wait for the App Store to download or update anything.

Now Pilot Partner will remind you how to run it as an App anytime you access Pilot Partner on your iPhone in the web browser window.




Just Follow these simple steps:

  1. Add Pilot Partner to Home ScreenClick the “Send To Button” at the bottom of the screen
  2. Select “Add to Home Screen”

You will see a reminder window at the top of the screen to help you.

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Enter Numbers Easier

The previous version of Pilot Partner was difficult to enter numbers such as:

  • Total Time
  • Landings
  • Approaches
  • Night Time
  • IMC/Hood Time

Mobile Number EntryWe used a 3rd Party control that was supposed to make entering numbers easy, but it conflicted with how the iPhone Keyboard work and resulted in a lot of back and forth and screen scrolling.

We decided to custom build our own keypad to enter numbers.  It makes it much easier to enter number.  Simply click the Black Number pad when you see one and a key pad will come up.

When using Pilot Partner on a Mobile device you now have access to a key pad to better enter numbers.When you use this key pad, just type the numbers you want, ignore the decimal place.

If you want 1.2:  Press “1” then “2”

If you want 2.0: Press “2” then “0”

There is also a “+” and “-” button that will allow you to go up and down one number at a time.

Then click “Select” when done.


Disabled Zoom

It was also common than when you tried typing and scrolling in Pilot Partner the browser would zoom in or out.  We disabled zooming for the entire app which will make the entire experience smoother and easier.

About Pilot Partner

Pilot Partner is a Cloud Based Electronic Pilot Logbook system for General Aviation Pilots.  Signup today for a Free 60 Day Trial.

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