Run Pilot Partner as an iPhone App

Pilot Partner is a Cloud based application designed to run in your web browser.   It will run on any device including your DPilot Partneresktop Computer, Laptop, iPhone or iPad.  To make it easier to use on your iPhone or iPad, Apple has given us an easy way to put Pilot Partner at your finger tips.

Pilot Partner is One Click Away

Step 1)

Log into Pilot Partner and navigate to your Pilot Partner Dashboard

Pilot Partner Dashboard

Step 2)

Click the Send To Icon at the bottom of the screen


Step 3)

Select the “Add to Home Screen” option.

Send To Options

Step 4)

Change the Name to “Pilot Partner” or what ever you wish it to be.

Change Name

Step 5)

Put the Pilot Partner App Icon near the rest of your Aviation Apps.

Aviation Apps


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