Tracking Aircraft MX with Every Flight

Newly released feature from Pilot Partner Electronic Logbook allows pilots to keep Aircraft MX records updated with every flight.    Last year Pilot Partner released the Free Aircraft Maintenance Tracker to go along side of the Pilot Partner Electronic Pilot Logbook application.  

Logging Time with a Flight

With this release, the Pilot Logbook and the Aircraft MX Tracker are now linked directly together.  While adding a new flight a Pilot can:

  • Log Hobbs/Tach Start and End Time
  • Automatically Calculate Total Time (Let’s face it, Pilots hate doing that math in their heads)
  • Update Aircraft MX Time Automatically
  • Determine if an Oil Change, Inspection or AD is Due

This is all done during the same flow that Pilots already do when adding a flight with a few simple clicks.

Logging a Flight with Hobbs/Tach Time

The first step in using this feature is to ensure the aircraft the Pilot wants to track is connected to the Pilot Partner Aircraft MX Tracker.   Follow the steps in this Article to setup an Aircraft for MX Tracking.

The Next time a Pilot adds a Flight to their logbook, they will be presented with the Aircraft Meter Start/End Time box.    The most recent meter reading for the Tach and Hobbs will automatically be displayed.  Simply adjust the start and end time accordingly.   Any time entered into a Hobbs Meter will automatically adjust the total time on the flight.  This will save a lot of time and hassle trying to manually calculate the total time.

When the Flight is saved, the Aircraft Meters are automatically updated and all of the inspection items are adjusted.   This will make keeping track of Oil Changes, Inspections and ADs much easier.

Flying Clubs and Partnerships

Viewing a Log of Flights for the Aircraft

Most Flying Clubs and Partnerships have a paper log inside of the airplane to track who flew on which date and for how long.  This log is typically used to bill for the flight time.   This means someone in the Flying Club has to drive to the airport, get the log and enter each entry one by one into an accounting system.

With the Pilot Partner Aircraft MX Tracker, the flying club will automatically get that log filled out electronically.  A member of the Flying Club can log into Pilot Partner and export it to an Excel Spreadsheet (CSV Format) and easily import it into most accounting systems.

This is a true automation system for Flying Clubs and Partnerships.   Pilots will make less mistakes and there will be no hassle trying to read hand writing of each pilot (which is typically worse than most doctors).   It never fails that at some point that paper logbook goes missing, and all of those flying records are lost forever.  With Pilot Partner, the data is instantly stored in the cloud and will never be lost.

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