Aviation Training Dashboard

New Way to Track Student Training

The Aviation Training Dashboard is a new way to track a student’s progress through a training program.  Whether it is a Private Pilot or Instrument course, the Training Dashboard makes tracking the skills required simple and easy.

You can even create your own custom training program or use this dashboard to track any progress you want.

What is an Aviation Training Dashboard?

The Training Dashboard is a Kanban Board.   Kanban Board’s is a visual way to represent a series of tasks through different stages.   Pilot Partner defaults to 4 stages:

  • Not Introduced
  • Introduced
  • Progressing
  • Ready for Check Ride

Every Skill required to complete a training course is then listed in a column representing one of these stages.   As the CFI introduces a new skill to the student, the CFI simply drags the card representing that skill from Not Introduced to Introduced.

As the student starts to perfect a specific skill, the CFI can move that skill from Introduced to Progressing.  Finially, when the student has mastered the skill, it can be moved to Ready for Check Ride.

How Does this Help Training?

By tracking each required skill in a methodical way, the efficiency of training can be improved.

Grouping specific skills together and focusing in mastering skills in a logical order can improve the efficiency of Flight Training.  This system can easily allow a Student to be ready for a check ride in fewer flights, saving time and money.

Not only can this tool save time and money, but it has the potential to improve the quality of training.  By having a distinct outline of skills required to earn a specific rating, the student is able to focus their study on specific tasks at specific time.   The more focused a student is on a specific set of skills, the better they will absorb and retain the information presented to them.

Creating a Training Dashboard

Training Boards can be created by an Instructor or an Individual Pilot.   Typically the board is designed to be maintained by the CFI and can be viewed by the student.   But there are times where a Student Pilot will want to set up their own board.

Create a Board as a CFI

CFI’s using Pilot Partner can access the Aviation Training Dashboards from the CFI Dashboard.   Log into the CFI Dashboard and then select your student from the list of Students.  Then you can access the Aviation Training Board by clicking the “Pilot Training” tab from the Student Dashboard page.

You will be able to “Add a New Training Program” from that page.

Create a Board as a Student

If you are a student and your CFI is not using Pilot Partner, then creating your own training board is a good option.   Of course, you should work with your instructor to start using Pilot Partner to get the best results.

You may also find yourself wanting to create your own board for other reasons.  Perhaps you want to set a specific goal for yourself outside of obtaining a new rating, and want to hold yourself accountable for reaching that goal.

From the Main Menu of Pilot Partner (in the Web App), Click on the Aviation Training menu item in the Left Navigation.  From here you will be able to Add a New Training Program to your Dashboard.

Adding New Training Program

When you add a new Training Program you will be able to select from an existing Program Template or create your own Custom Training Program.   The existing Program Templates include:

  • Airman Certification Standard: Private Pilot
  • Airman Certification Standard: Instrument Pilot

We will be working with different CFI’s in the near future to add more templates.  We will be looking to add: Multi-Engine Add On, Commercial Pilot,  Complex Endorsement, Tail Wheel Endorsement and others.

Training Dashboard Permissions

Once you have a training board created you can control the permissions of that board.  The options are:

  • Student Read Only – The CFI creates the board and can move skills as progress occurs. The student can view the board and the current status, but can’t make changes.  This is the default for CFI Created Boards.
  • Shared – Either a Student or a CFI can create a shared board.  When the board is shared, both the student and the CFI can modify the board and change status of specific skills.
  • Student Private Board – A Student can create a board that only the student can see.  The CFI won’t ever see this board or the content with it.
  • CFI Private Board – A CFI can create a training board that the student can’t see.  This could be useful if the CFI has information they want to track about a student for internal reasons.  It could even be for billing and paperwork issues.

Training Dashboard Demo

Here is a video that walks you through the basic features of the Aviation Training Dashboard.

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