Flying Club Invoice Management Pricing

Flying Clubs, Partnerships and Flight School can now use Pilot Partner to automate invoices to pilots for $9.95-$14.95 per month per aircraft.   When a Flying Club uses this option, every member of the club will receive full access to the Pilot Partner Electronic Pilot Logbook for no additional cost.   That’s right, for Free!

This is an optional pricing option that Flying Clubs and Partnerships can take advantage of.   Pilot Partner will still provide free access to the full Fleet Management tools as long as every member in the fleet has an active Pilot Partner Subscription.

What is Flying Club Invoice Management?

In a Flying Club or Partnership, invoicing pilots can quickly become a difficult and error prone job.  Pilot Partner has a suite of tools that allows invoices to be generated in 5 minutes or less.     Pilot Partner will integrate with a couple popular accounting systems including:

Read more about how Flying Club Invoicing works: Electronic Invoicing for Flying Clubs

Pricing Options

Pilot Partner offers 4 pricing categories that a Flying Club or Partnership can choose.  With any of the paid options, every member of the Pilot Partner Fleet will automatically get full access to the Pilot Partner eLogbook system at no additional cost.  That means the members of the club do not have to maintain their own Pilot Partner Logbook subscription.    This is very useful for a club who’s members are not all already using Pilot Partner.  Even if a member wants to maintain a logbook elsewhere, they can just enter the minimum information required for invoicing and be all set.

Free Option

By default the Free level is selected for every Fleet created in Pilot Partner.   With this level, a Flying Club can add as many aircraft and as many pilots as they want, but each Pilot will need to have an active subscription to Pilot Partner’s eLogbook in order to log flights in a club aircraft and have invoices generated.

Members without an active subscription can still have free access to:

  • View Aircraft MX Dashboard
  • Be manually added to flight time

This is a great option for a smaller club where all of the Pilots are already using Pilot Partner and the club doesn’t have any extra expenses.   If you have 6 or less pilots, it actually works out cheaper to run it this way.

Beechcraft BonanzaSingle Aircraft Pricing

Clubs with a single aircraft, the club can pay for the aircraft to be in the Pilot Partner Fleet and then all members will get full access to Pilot Partner.  The cost is:

  • $14.95 per Month or
  • $149.50 per Year (buy 10 months, get 2 months free!)

Clubs with 2-6 Aircraft

Clubs with more than 1 aircraft get a slightly lower rate per aircraft.

  • $12.95 per Month per Aircraft or
  • $129.50 per Year per Aircraft


Large Clubs with more than 6 Aircraft

Large clubs get the biggest discount, the costs are:

  • $9.95 per Month per Aircraft or
  • $99.50 per Year per Aircraft

Free Pilot Partner Electronic Logbook

All members of the flying club receive full access to all of the Pilot Partner Logbook system.  While they are a member of the club they can use Pilot Partner to track all of their flying, not just the flying within the club.   If they ever leave the club, all of their data will remain safe and they will be able to purchase a subscription and continue to use Pilot Partner.

Note:  Members who have not logged a Flight with the Club in the last 12 months will no longer be eligible for free access to Pilot Partner’s Logbook.

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