Pilot Partner Live: Webinar July 17th 2016

Join us Live for a Webinar where we will discuss how to convert to an Electronic Pilot Logbook and do a product tour of Pilot Partner Electronic Pilot Logbook App.


Sunday July 17th, 2016 @ 7:30pm Central Time.

How To Join

Watch us via the Live Stream at: Click here to View Live Stream

Join us in the Interactive Google Hangout.  Max 9 People.   Here you will use your Webcam and microphone and be able to ask us questions directly.

Link:  Click Here to Join Google Hangout Link


Getting Started with an Electronic Pilot Logbook App
How to handle years of flights in a paper logbook without having to enter each flight one by one
Basic Feature Overview
How to Log a Flight
How to Track Currency
How Instrument Currency Works
How the Mobile (iPhone/iPad/Android) App works
Advanced Features
Logging Simulator Time
Integration with FlightAware
CFI Signatures
CFI Dashboard
How to Integrate with your Students
Tracking Students Progress



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