Automatic Fuel Reimbursements for Flying Clubs

Flying Clubs can now use Pilot Partner Fleet Management system to automate members submitting Fuel Reimbursements.  Pilot Partner Fleet Invoicing system will then handle calculating the reimbursement amount and applying the correct credit to the member’s next invoice.   The Fleet Reimbursement module can be customized to several different ways clubs calculate reimbursements.   Continue Reading » “Automatic Fuel Reimbursements for Flying Clubs”

Flying Club Automatic Invoicing & Budgets

Flying Club Invoicing & Budgeting System

Pilot Partner has set out to automate the process of running a flying club.  The latest release of Pilot Partner fleet management allows Flying Clubs, Partnerships and Flight Schools the ability to automatically generate Member Invoices and track Flying Club Budgets.  Flying Club invoicing & budgets is a true game changer in the General Aviation market place.

Running a flying club is hard work.  Ask any club, the one position nobody wants is the Club Treasurer.  The Treasurer has to deal with all of the hand written logs and somehow generate invoices while keeping track of all of the money.  It is no doubt a tough job that requires many thankless hours of effort.   Pilot Partner’s goal is to come to the rescue of every Flying Club Treasurer and provide a suite of tools at an affordable price to make the job quick and easy. Continue Reading » “Flying Club Automatic Invoicing & Budgets”

Flying Club Invoice Management Pricing

Flying Clubs, Partnerships and Flight School can now use Pilot Partner to automate invoices to pilots for $9.95-$14.95 per month per aircraft.   When a Flying Club uses this option, every member of the club will receive full access to the Pilot Partner Electronic Pilot Logbook for no additional cost.   That’s right, for Free!

This is an optional pricing option that Flying Clubs and Partnerships can take advantage of.   Pilot Partner will still provide free access to the full Fleet Management tools as long as every member in the fleet has an active Pilot Partner Subscription.

Continue Reading » “Flying Club Invoice Management Pricing”

Electronic Invoicing for Flying Clubs

The toughest job In a Flying Club, Partnership or Flying School is generating invoices for flight time of its members.  Typically the treasurer of a flying club is the hardest working and most under appreciated person in the club.  Enabling Electronic Invoicing for Flying Clubs, the Treasurer of a Flying Club can save several hours a month.

By integrating the Pilot Partner Electronic Pilot Logbook and the Aircraft Fleet Management tools together, Pilot Partner has made the job of the treasure much easier.   When your flying club uses Pilot Partner to log each flight and track the maintenance records for each aircraft, Pilot Partner can automatically spit out invoices in real time or on a schedule such as monthly or quarterly.   Pilot Partner will directly integrate with Quickbooks Online, and also will easily import into other accounting systems like ZOHO Invoice. Continue Reading » “Electronic Invoicing for Flying Clubs”

Electronic Aircraft Flight Time Records

For Partnerships, Flying Clubs and Flight Schools

In the last 10 years we have seen a transformation of airplane cockpits.  The cockpit is no longer full of Paper Charts, Approach Plates and Airport Directories.  Everything we need to fly has gone electronic.  That is for everything expect for one piece of paper many pilots still deal with everyday:  The Paper Aircraft Dispatch Sheet.

Pilot Partner is now making it possible to track your Aircraft Dispatch Records Electronically as part of their Electronic Pilot Logbook Platform. Continue Reading » “Electronic Aircraft Flight Time Records”