Free Aircraft Maintenance Tracker Facilitates Safer Flying for GA Pilots

Austin, TX (April 11th, 2017) Lower fuel costs and reduced purchase price of many general aviation and business aircraft, particularly older aircraft, combine to make it a great time for general and business aviation pilots to acquire or renew their flying credentials and spend more time in the air for business or pleasure this spring …

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Paper Logbook to Electronic: The Easy Way

Converting from a thick Paper Logbook to an Electronic Logbook doesn’t mean you have to spend hours manually typing in years of flying.    There are easier ways to start benefiting from an Electronic Pilot Logbook. Carry In Totals Think of this as “See Logbook #2” and your second logbook just happens to be electronic.

Aviation Training Dashboard

New Way to Track Student Training The Aviation Training Dashboard is a new way to track a student’s progress through a training program.  Whether it is a Private Pilot or Instrument course, the Training Dashboard makes tracking the skills required simple and easy. You can even create your own custom training program or use this …

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Changing How CFI’s Log Student Flights

Pilot Partner CFI Dashboard Spring of 2016, Pilot Partner release the new CFI Dashboard as a tool integrated into the Electronic Pilot Logbook App.   This allows a Certified Flight Instructor the ability to link their eLogbook to their student’s eLogbook.   Seems simple enough, but what does this actually do for the student and …

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Parking Signs for Airventure Oshkosh

Are you flying to EAA Airventure Oshkosh?   When you land, you will need your Parking signs.   Use our Parking signs to display tell the ground crew where you need to go while displaying your support for Pilot Partner! Download Parking Signs: PilotPartner-OshkoshSigns